5 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea, Also Good for Fertility

5 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea, Also Good for Fertility

Herbal tea has become one of the traditional drinks that is used as a medicinal method for health. In fact, many believe in the benefits of herbal tea for fertility.

Parents may have consumed herbal drinks or medicines to address health conditions. One of the drinks that has good benefits for health is herbal tea. This traditional drink is made from ingredients such as spices, leaves, flowers, fruits, or dried plant roots.

Some types of herbal tea are quite common and often consumed, such as ginger tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, and roselle flower tea.

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Made from herbal ingredients, Parents can get a number of benefits from consuming herbal tea, such as:

1. Boost the body’s immunity

One of the health benefits of herbal tea is helping to boost the body’s resistance. If Parents consume ginger tea or ginseng tea, this benefit is one of the things that can be obtained. This is because ginger contains gingerol and the ginsenoside content in ginseng has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. These compounds can help boost the body’s immune system and fight against germs and bacteria that cause infections.

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2. Overcome insomnia

Another benefit of consuming herbal tea for health is to help overcome insomnia. This efficacy can be obtained from consuming chamomile tea which can reduce and prevent difficulty sleeping. Chamomile has the active compound apigenin which can affect brain activity, one of which is in regulating the sense of drowsiness and sleep. Therefore, people who have trouble sleeping will be advised to consume chamomile tea.

3. Help overcome inflammation

Consuming herbal tea can also help overcome inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger tea can help reduce inflammation in the body. In addition, this anti-inflammatory property can help reduce complaints of muscle pain, headaches, stomach aches, and joint pain.

4. Overcoming digestive problems

If Parents consume peppermint leaf tea, the benefits obtained can overcome digestive problems. This is because peppermint leaves have antispasmodic properties, which is the ability to relax the muscles in the digestive tract, thereby relieving symptoms of nausea, bloating, and abdominal pain. Well, by consuming this tea, it can also provide a sense of comfort in the digestive tract, thereby reducing complaints when experiencing abdominal cramps.

5. Preventing heart disease

Another benefit of consuming herbal tea is that it can prevent heart disease. Hibiscus tea, also known as roselle tea, has a high antioxidant content. Consuming this tea can lower bad cholesterol (LDL). If the buildup of LDL in the blood occurs, it can trigger the risk of heart disease.

Are There Benefits of Herbal Tea for Fertility?

In addition to being good for health, herbal tea is also believed to help improve fertility conditions. This is because the antioxidant content in herbal tea can help improve fertility conditions. According to research published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, it is mentioned that herbal tea made from red raspberry leaves is good for women who want to start a pregnancy program and for pregnant women.

In addition, some types of tea drinks such as green tea and ginger tea also have good antioxidant content to improve fertility. Ginger contains an active compound called gingerol that plays a role in increasing sperm production and quality. However, there is no strong evidence regarding herbal tea that can help women get pregnant quickly.

From the benefits of the herbal tea above, are Parents interested in consuming it? If Parents want to plan a pregnancy program, don’t forget to have yourself checked by a doctor. Complement your pregnancy plan with a healthy lifestyle change, regular exercise, and consumption of healthy foods with adequate nutrition.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Chitra Fatimah.


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