Holding a Laptop on the Lap is Dangerous for Fertility

Can Holding a Laptop on Your Lap Impact Fertility?

The habit of holding a laptop on your lap may lead to poor sperm quality and impact male fertility. Laptops have become an essential…

Negative Impact of Vaping on Fertility Leads to Immediate Risks in Pregnancy

Vaping Often, Pregnancy Risks Soar

Besides affecting lung health, vaping or e-cigarettes can impact both male and female fertility. Introduction E-cigarettes or vaping have become a new phenomenon for…

Stress Can Kill Sperm Inside the Uterus

Stress Can Deplete Sperm

Stress can be one of the factors that kill sperm because it can suppress the hormone levels needed for sperm production. Can Stress Kill…

Does Consuming Sweet Food Affect Fertility

Take Note! Frequent Consumption of Sweets Prevents “Stripes”

Consuming a lot of sweet foods can lead to insulin resistance and hormonal disturbances. Who doesn’t like sweet food? Almost everyone enjoys consuming this…

Pregnant Women Who Love Eating Tomatoes with Various Benefits

Pregnant Women Who Love Eating Tomatoes with Various Benefits

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients that are excellent for consumption during pregnancy. Find out about the benefits of tomatoes for…

Good Drinks to Consume During Conception

My Strong Mother Thanks to Healthy Drinks

My Strong Mother Thanks to Healthy Drinks When a husband and wife are undergoing a pregnancy program, there are several ways they can take…

Plan Pregnancy, Manage Finances for Conception

Plan Pregnancy, Prepare Financial Plan

Having children is a dream for married couples. For couples who have been married for quite some time but have not yet conceived, undergoing…

Pre-Marital Check Up The Importance of Health Examination Before Marriage

Pre-Marital Check Up: The Importance of Health Examination Before Marriage

Pre-Marital Check Up: The Importance of Health Examination Before Marriage There are several health tests that need to be done before marriage. These examinations…

increase men's fertility

7 Effective & Natural Ways to Increase Men’s Fertility

Fertility problems or infertility can be experienced by women as well as men. The causes of infertility in men are different from women. Generally, fertility problems experienced by men are caused by health factors leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, there are some ways you can do to increase men’s fertility

exercise for pregnancy program

6 Recommended Exercise for Pregnancy Program

In addition to physical fitness, exercise is also good for pregnancy programs, you know. Exercise can help increase fertility which is important when planning a pregnancy program. Women who do regular exercise have a greater chance of getting pregnant faster than women who rarely exercise.

stress difficult to get pregnant

Did Stress Make it Difficult to Get Pregnant? Myth or Fact?

Is it true that stress can make it difficult to get pregnant? Excessive stress can cause ovulation failure so this is what makes it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. Not only that, but stress also affects testosterone and sperm levels in men.

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