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Ayah Mario & Bunda Cindy


We think that Bocah Indonesia is a fertility clinic that offers comprehensive services. Not only on the women’s side but also accommodates problems on the husband’s or men’s side where there is an andrology doctor here. In addition, the atmosphere and costs offered are also very good. very affordable compared to clinics that have existed before.

Ayah Ali & Bunda Yunita

IVF Program

Our first impression from entering is like a hotel, the atmosphere is different and the place is luxurious, there are sofas everywhere that are different from other hospitals. Maybe because here you also have an appointment , so it’s not too bad. pile of people.

Ayah Dudi & Bunda Intan


We’ve been married for 5 years. Because the problem is with me, we get acquainted with dr. Tiara. Every 1 time in 3 months we do treatment. Thank God, the results were due to God’s power, the treatment was successful and was passed without surgery. “

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If you have been trying to conceive for twelve months or more without success (or six months if the female age is over 35) we recommend a fertility assessment with our fertility specialists.

To make an appointment please call us at (021) 50200800

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