Success Story

Daddy Dudi & Mom Intan


“We’ve been married for 5 years. Because the problem is with me, we get to know dr. Tiara. Every 1 time in 3 months we do treatment. Thank God, the result was due to God’s power, the treatment was successful and was passed without surgery“.

Daddy Ali & Mom Yunita

IVF Program

“Our first impression from entering is like a hotel, the atmosphere is different and the place is luxurious, there are sofas everywhere, different from other hospitals. Maybe because you have to make an appointment here, so there are not too many people piled up”.

Ayah Dudi & Bunda Intan


Sudah 5 tahun kita menikah. Karena permasalahannya ada di saya, kita kenalan dengan dr. Tiara. Tiap 1 kali dalam 3 bulan kita melakukan treatment. Alhamdulillah hasilnya berkat kuasa Tuhan, treatment tersebut berhasil dan dilalui tanpa operasi.

Annisa Rahma

So many prayers and efforts that we do to have children soon. God willing, in time, our child will realize how patient his parents are waiting for his presence.

Vitta Mariana

When everything seems hopeless, it turns out that God shows the way. The miracle arrived after a miscarriage. The two lines appeared to accompany the steps of our little family’s journey. Our job as #duagaris fighters is to just keep trying and always praying.

Dhini Aminarti

Uniting two heads in one household is not easy. However, it has become a responsibility because I chose. Choosing to fight with her husband under any circumstances, proceeding together until later blessed with a baby.


If you have been trying to conceive for twelve months or more without success (or six months if mom’s age is over 35) we recommend a fertility assessment with our fertility specialists.

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