Effect of PCOS on Pregnancy

Chronic PCOS Pregnancy Misfortune

Women with PCOS are often hesitant about pregnancy. Find out the facts on how PCOS affects pregnancy here. Women with PCOS often have doubts…

Effects of Pelvic Inflammation on Fallopian tubes

Pelvic Inflammation in Fallopian Tubes, Disrupts Reproductive System 

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a medical disorder that affects the female reproductive organs, including the fallopian tubes. Are there any effects of pelvic inflammatory…

Obesity Makes Sperm Movement Limited

Obesity Makes Sperm Movement Limited?

Overweight is often considered to be one of the triggers of infertility problems. However, is it true that obesity affects sperm movement (motility)? Obesity…

Impact of Testicular Torsion on Fertility

The Impact of Testicular Torsion on Fertility

Testicular torsion is an emergency condition where the blood supply to the testicle is pinched off and cut. This condition is very painful and…

Doctor's Consultation on Testicular Torsion

Consultation for Testicular Torsion Before Critical

If Father experiences severe pain in the testicle, immediately contact a doctor or go to the nearest hospital’s emergency department. Testicular torsion is a…

Duration of Abstinence Before Sperm Analysis

Abstinence: When Father Refrains from Ejaculation

When a man intends to undergo a semen analysis, he should practice sexual abstinence or refrain from ejaculating in any way. One of the…

Overcome Varicocele Treatment Without Hindrance

Overcome Varicocele Treatment Without Hindrance

For fathers seeking varicocele treatment solutions, find explanations of symptoms and varicocele treatments here. Varicocele is a common disorder that enlarges blood vessels in…

Diagnosing Swollen Scrotum Don't Guess Randomly

Diagnosing Swollen Scrotum: Don’t Guess Randomly

If you experience a swollen or painful scrotum, it could be a sign of varicocele. Learn the complete varicocele guide below.  Varicocele can be…

Overcome Testicular Torsion Before It's Tragic

Overcome Testicular Torsion Before It’s Tragic

Testicular torsion is a painful condition where the testicle twists and loses its blood supply. Learn the myths and facts about testicular torsion here! …

The Effect of Temperature on Testes, Can It Thin Sperm Production

The Effect of Temperature on Testes, Can It Thin Sperm Production?

Temperature greatly affects the testes, which are the production sites for the testosterone hormone and also sperm. So, how significant is the effect of…

Varicocele Has the Potential to Cause Complications

Varicocele Has the Potential to Cause Complications

Varicocele can lead to complications due to the swelling of blood vessels around the testicles. Find out how to deal with varicocele and the…

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