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Bocah Indonesia


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Your trusted fertility expert.

Enjoy room with design and function combined together

Bocah Indonesia have convenient interior design. The combination of good design and function provides comfort without compromising its function.

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bocah indonesia fertility center rooms
bocah indonesia fertility center rooms
bocah indonesia fertility center rooms
bocah indonesia fertility center rooms

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Trusted fertility center since 2019

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Daddy Dudi & Mom Intan

Azoospermia & IVF

“We have been married for 5 years. The problem is with me, so we get to know dr. Tiara. Every 3 months we come for a treatment. Alhamdulillah, the result was thanks to God’s might, the treatment was successful and without surgery.”

Ali & Yunita

IVF Program

“Our first impression for the interior is like a hotel, the atmosphere is different and the place is luxurious, there are sofas everywhere, different from other hospitals. You have to make an appointment here, so not to crowded here.”

Mario & Cindy


“We think that Bocah Indonesia is a fertility clinic that offers comprehensive services. Not only on the women’s side but also accommodates problems on the husband’s side where there is an andrology doctor here. In addition, the atmosphere and costs offered are also very affordable compared to existing clinics.”


What’s Media said about Bocah Indonesia

Bocah Indonesia’s uniqueness compared to other clinics is that it does not directly offer patients to do IVF program and this option is the last option.

The #SadarSubur package is a new service package that is recommended for NOVA friends who want to know the condition of fertility

Now, the Indonesian Boy Fertility Center has become a one stop fertility center that has been around for two years and provides services to more than 4000 couples.

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