Vaping Often, Pregnancy Risks Soar

Negative Impact of Vaping on Fertility Leads to Immediate Risks in Pregnancy

Besides affecting lung health, vaping or e-cigarettes can impact both male and female fertility.


E-cigarettes or vaping have become a new phenomenon for men to replace traditional tobacco smoking. Many believe that vaping is safer compared to conventional smoking. Nowadays, vaping is not only used by men but also by women. Vaping is an electronic cigarette operated by battery power to convert chemicals into vapor, which is then inhaled. The chemicals used for vaping liquids contain nicotine.

Health Risks of Vaping

If vaping is declared safer, it can actually be just as hazardous as tobacco cigarettes. According to Dr. Gito Wasian, Sp.And., an andrology specialist at Bocah Indonesia, vaping contains varying amounts of nicotine and several harmful substances that are bad for health.

“Vaping still contains nicotine in varying amounts, depending on the brand. Besides nicotine, vaping also contains various dangerous substances like nanoparticles and other heavy metals, which are harmful to health,” said Dr. Gito.

Based on the explanation above, the chemical content in vaping can be harmful, especially if you are planning to have a baby.

Tanya Ferly tentang Promil?


Negative Impact of Vaping on Fertility

Not only does it impact health, but vaping also affects the fertility of both men and women. Harmful substances in it can trigger fertility problems.

“Vaping may indeed contain fewer harmful ingredients than conventional cigarettes, but the harmful substances in vaping can still cause various issues, including fertility problems,” said Dr. Gito.

He also mentioned that the chemical burning process in vaping produces free radicals that are dangerous for male fertility.

Vaping Can Lead to Addiction

Did you know that vaping can lead to addiction? This is due to some of the nicotine content that releases the chemical dopamine, making the user addicted.

“In fact, the nicotine in vaping can lead to addiction because it releases the chemical dopamine, which makes the user feel good. This chemical can reach the brain in 20 seconds from the first puff, even faster than alcohol and drugs, making it highly addictive,” said Dr. Gito Wasian.


So, are you aware of the dangers of vaping, especially if you are planning to have a baby? It is best to avoid or quit consuming nicotine products like cigarettes or vaping.


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