Time for Fathers Who Care About Family to Get Checked

Time for Caring Fathers to Get Checked

It’s not just mothers; for achieving pregnancy, the fertility of fathers is also one of the crucial factors. Therefore, it’s important to undergo fertility assessments.

Many may assume that difficulties in getting pregnant in a married couple are solely caused by the mother. In reality, the role of the father is equally important. The quality, quantity, and movement of sperm also determine the success of the fertilization process.

However, not all men have good fertility conditions or may have fertility issues, which require extra efforts to have offspring. Unfortunately, many are unaware and hesitate to undergo fertility checks.

According to Dr. Tiara Kirana, Sp.And., a specialist in andrology at Bocah Indonesia, even though a man may appear healthy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the sperm he possesses is healthy. This is because there are several conditions that can affect male fertility, ranging from issues during sperm production to blockages in the sperm production pathways.

“Men who appear healthy overall can have fertility disorders due to issues related to sperm quantity, problems with the sperm’s ability to reach the egg, or a combination of both. Disorders related to production, blockages, and varicoceles can lead to a decrease in sperm quality, which affects fertility,” says Dr. Tiara Kirana, Sp.And.

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Risk Factors for the Causes of Infertility

There are several risk factors that can cause infertility in men, such as:

  • Age: Age is one of the risk factors for infertility because it can affect fertility conditions.
  • Lifestyle: There are various lifestyle factors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and obesity, that can affect sperm conditions.
  • Exposure to Harmful Substances: If fathers are frequently exposed to hazardous substances, such as pesticides, heavy metal mercury, boron, and benzene, it can affect their fertility.
  • Unexplained: Infertility with an unknown cause.

There are several conditions that can cause infertility in fathers, including hormonal issues, specific medical histories, physical conditions of the reproductive organs, and sexual issues.

Hormonal issues such as hypothyroidism, hyperprolactinemia, and hypogonadism. Specific medical histories, such as infections in glands and genital tracts, systemic diseases, use of specific medications, medical procedure histories, and cancer. Physical conditions include genetic abnormalities, undescended testicles, testicular torsion, varicoceles, a history of trauma, and disorders of genital tracts. Sexual disorders, such as anejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

What Should Be Done for Fertility Examinations?

Healthy sperm play a significant role in the fertilization process. According to Dr. Tiara, healthy sperm have common criteria, such as sperm concentration or the number of sperm per milliliter of seminal fluid, sperm shape, and the movement of sperm itself.

“The criteria for healthy sperm can be observed in millimeters of ejaculate fluid, sperm shape, and the movement of sperm itself. Overall, these three parameters are essential, but we should not overlook the ejaculate fluid, which carries the sperm and needs to be processed,” adds Dr. Tiara.

One of the basic fertility examinations for fathers is sperm analysis. This fertility test is conducted by analyzing the father’s seminal fluid to assess the quality, quantity, and movement of sperm.

Furthermore, the results of sperm analysis will be consulted with a specialist in andrology to determine the findings. In Bocah Indonesia, this consultation session is known as the Fertility Workup service.

Fertility Workup is an initial consultation service for fathers preparing for pregnancy or fertility programs. This service is intended for individuals who want to undergo fertility or reproductive health examinations.

As previously explained, this consultation is conducted after the results of sperm analysis have been received by the doctor for joint evaluation. Therefore, fathers need to undergo sperm analysis before scheduling a consultation.

Many couples experience difficulties in having children. If you and your partner are experiencing this, don’t feel alone. It’s advisable to consult a doctor to determine the cause and receive appropriate treatment.


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