Take Note! Radiation Hazard, Moms and Dads Need to Pay Attention

The Impact of Radiation on Fertility

The effects of radiation are known to affect male fertility. However, there is no research to date related to the dangers of radiation on pregnancy programs.

 With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life that is hard to separate from. Unfortunately, with all the sophistication of technology within them, mobile phones emit radiation that can have various effects on their users.

The radiation present in mobile phones is generated by radio waves that are part of the phone’s operating system. This radiation, which spreads in all directions, also reaches the user’s body. If exposed frequently, it can affect the user’s health.

So, is it true that mobile phone radiation can affect the fertility of Moms and Dads?  Father and Mother’s fertility? 

The Impact of Radiation on Fertility

There are several risks associated with mobile phone radiation, such as an increased risk of cancer and an impact on child development. However, it seems that mobile phone radiation can also affect fertility, particularly male fertility.

Tanya Ferly tentang Promil?


Carrying a mobile phone in your trouser pocket can trigger a decrease in male fertility. This is because mobile phone radiation can affect the quality of sperm.

According to Dr. Gito Wasian, Sp.And, an andrology specialist at Bocah Indonesia, if you have the habit of holding a laptop or keeping your phone in your trouser pocket, it can impact a father’s sperm quality.

“For example, fathers who are WFH and constantly use a laptop or keep their phone in their pockets aren’t good (for sperm),” says Dr. Gito.

However, the belief that mobile phone radiation affects male fertility still requires further research.

It is important to note that a father’s fertility is not only influenced by mobile phone radiation but also by other bad habits, such as:

  • Wearing tight pants frequently

  • Frequently taking hot showers or bathing in hot water

  • Engaging in extended cycling

  • Other habits that affect the groin area

Unfortunately, to date, there is no research on the effects of mobile phone radiation on the fertility of Moms and Dads during pregnancy. 

However, radiation can have an impact on pregnant women if they are frequently exposed. This is because pregnant women who are often exposed to radiation have an increased risk of premature delivery. Although premature birth can be caused by various factors.

Pregnant women are advised not to place their phones on their abdomen too often as a preventive measure.

Tips to Reduce the Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation

Although it cannot be completely prevented, Moms and Dads can minimize the effects of mobile phone radiation on their health. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Use your phone only when necessary

  • If not in use, keep your phone away from your body

  • Avoid putting your phone in your trouser pocket

  • Don’t let children play with phones for too long

The impact of mobile phones on fertility still requires further research. However, it doesn’t hurt for Moms and Dads to take preventive measures to reduce the risks posed by radiation.

That’s the explanation regarding mobile phone radiation’s impact on the fertility of Moms and Dads. If Moms and Dads want to optimize their pregnancy programs, follow a healthy lifestyle, engage in regular exercise, and have your fertility checked.

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