The Effect of Temperature on Testes, Can It Thin Sperm Production?

The Effect of Temperature on Testes, Can It Thin Sperm Production

Temperature greatly affects the testes, which are the production sites for the testosterone hormone and also sperm. So, how significant is the effect of temperature on sperm production?

Sperm cells are produced by the seminiferous tubules located in the testes. Besides sperm production, the testes also play an important role in producing the reproductive hormone, namely testosterone. This important role makes it essential to maintain testicular health because it can affect fertility.

However, the process of sperm production can also be affected by the temperature of the testes themselves. A lower or cooler testicular temperature is the best condition for sperm production. Why is this so? Find out in the following explanation.

The Effect of Hot Temperatures on Sperm Production

If there are problems with the testes, it can cause the sperm production process to be suboptimal. Certain conditions, such as bathing in hot water with high temperatures on the testicular area can cause suboptimal testicular function.

According to dr. Gito Wasian, Sp.And, a specialist in andrology at Bocah Indonesia, mentioned that heat and free radicals can disrupt the sperm production process.

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“If there’s a problem in the testes, then the sperm production process won’t be maximal. Other factors causing testicular conditions to be problematic include heat and free radicals. Heat can be caused from both inside and outside the body. If from outside the body, like soaking in hot water, wearing tight pants, or layered pants. As much as possible, activities that can increase heat in the groin area should be avoided,” said dr. Gito.

According to research published in the Fertility and Sterility journal, certain occupations, such as mechanics, bakers, or drivers have a high risk of decreased fertility due to increased temperatures in the testicular area.

In addition, research published in the New Jersey Urology journal, mentioned that fever could be one of the sources of heat that can increase the temperature in the testes. Especially if Dad has a fever or is sick for a long time, which can be associated with male fertility.

The Effect of Cold Temperatures on Sperm Production

Even so, the testes can also be vulnerable to temperatures that are too cold. When the air temperature drops to -15 degrees Celsius or lower, the body can experience a significant risk of hypothermia, including in areas of the body that are covered, one of which is the testes.

Testicular temperature that is too cold becomes less optimal in producing sperm. This is because cold temperatures in the testicular area cause the scrotum and testes to shrink.

The testes also face the same risk. When experiencing hypothermia, the symptoms that might occur include:

  • A tingling sensation in the area around the testes

  • Testicular skin that appears reddish or pale

  • Numbness

There you have it, Dad, an explanation regarding the influence of temperature on sperm production. Remember, the vital function of the testes makes it important to take good care of this organ. Now, if Dad experiences unusual symptoms in the testes then immediately consult a doctor or fertility clinic nearby.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Chitra Fatimah.


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