increase men's fertility

7 Effective & Natural Ways to Increase Men’s Fertility

Fertility problems or infertility can be experienced by women as well as men. The causes of infertility in men are different from women. Generally, fertility problems experienced by men are caused by health factors leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, there are some ways you can do to increase men’s fertility

exercise for pregnancy program

6 Recommended Exercise for Pregnancy Program

In addition to physical fitness, exercise is also good for pregnancy programs, you know. Exercise can help increase fertility which is important when planning a pregnancy program. Women who do regular exercise have a greater chance of getting pregnant faster than women who rarely exercise.

stress difficult to get pregnant

Did Stress Make it Difficult to Get Pregnant? Myth or Fact?

Is it true that stress can make it difficult to get pregnant? Excessive stress can cause ovulation failure so this is what makes it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. Not only that, but stress also affects testosterone and sperm levels in men.

foods for pregnancy program

6 Best Foods to Consume for Planning Pregnancy

One way to increase fertility naturally is to eat healthy foods. Healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and protein can help the planned pregnancy program run well.
The main nutrients your body needs are protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Healthy food intake will provide a high chance for a planned pregnancy program.

sleeping positions for menstrual pain

The Best and Most Effective Sleeping Positions for Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain during menstruation is a normal thing experienced by women. But there is also excessive menstrual pain that interferes with activities. In addition to interfering with activities during the day, menstrual pain can also cause difficulty sleeping at night. Menstrual pain is caused by abdominal cramps due to the tightened muscles due to contractions of the uterus. However, there are some sleeping positions you can do to reduce menstrual pain.