Stress Can Deplete Sperm

Stress Can Kill Sperm Inside the Uterus

Stress can be one of the factors that kill sperm because it can suppress the hormone levels needed for sperm production.

Can Stress Kill Sperm Inside the Uterus?

It should be noted that stress can affect both the fertility of fathers and mothers. Men who experience excessive and continuous stress are at risk of having poorer sperm quality compared to those who manage their stress well.

This is because stress can trigger a drop in testosterone hormone levels, disrupting the healthy production of sperm in the testes. Stress is even associated with inflammation that can kill sperm during production.

Research conducted by Columbia University suggests that men with high stress levels may have poor sperm quality.

In principle, what affects sperm formation is the man’s own habits. When a man undergoes the ejaculation process during intercourse, sperm becomes more active in reaching the egg inside the uterus.

Tanya Ferly tentang Promil?


When sperm is inside the uterus, its lifespan varies. According to Dr. Tiara Kirana, a specialist in andrology from Bocah Indonesia, a man’s sperm can survive in a woman’s reproductive tract for 2-3 days. Sperm that can survive for 5 days only occurs in certain specific cases. Therefore, for fathers and mothers who are trying to conceive, it is recommended to have intercourse every 2-3 days, considering the lifespan of sperm in the female reproductive tract.

Dr. Tiara also mentions that the resilience of sperm inside the uterus is influenced by the environment of the female reproductive tract and the strength of the sperm itself. Sperm with good quality will have a longer lifespan.

Bad Habits That Can Kill Sperm

Apart from stress, there are several bad habits that are often unnoticed but can lower the quality of sperm or even kill sperm.

1. Consuming Fast Food

Fathers often consume fast food or junk food? Be careful, as this habit can lower the quality of your sperm. Although it may be delicious to consume, frequent consumption of fast food can lead to poor sperm quality.

Research published in the JAMA Network journal titled “Association of Dietary Patterns With Testicular Function in Young Danish Men” suggests that men who frequently consume fast food and other unhealthy foods are at risk of having lower sperm quality.

2. Staying Up Late

Staying up late is a habit often practiced by fathers. But did you know that staying up late can lower sperm quality? Staying up late can reduce sleep time, and this can affect the production of the testosterone hormone, which plays a crucial role in sperm formation.

Therefore, having sufficient sleep is one of the best solutions for maintaining good sperm quality. It is recommended to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Remember, excessive sleep is also not good for health and fertility.

3. Smoking

This habit is often practiced by men, and it’s possible that it can affect sperm quality. There are chemical substances in cigarettes that can affect fertility.

According to a study published in the Tulane University of School of Public Health and Topical Medicine, smoking is associated with cases of erectile dysfunction. The study even found up to 23% of cases related to smoking.

It’s not only active smokers who can experience this condition but also passive smokers exposed to cigarette smoke. Be cautious for fathers who often smoke or are exposed to cigarette smoke.

4. Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a decrease in testosterone hormone levels, which can result in lower sperm quality. This bad habit can also make sperm less agile and alter its shape.

5. Keeping the Phone in Your Pants Pocket

This habit is often practiced by fathers. Unfortunately, without realizing it, this bad habit can disrupt sperm production.

Radiation from the phone’s signal can transmit heat energy that increases the temperature in the testes. This can disrupt or hinder sperm production.

Moreover, this radiation can even damage the DNA of a father’s sperm, leading to reduced sperm vitality.

6. Frequent Hot Baths

Taking hot baths can help the body relax, but it can actually lower sperm quality. Why is this the case? It’s similar to keeping the phone in your pants pocket. Saunas or hot baths can increase the temperature in the testes, which can disrupt sperm production.

In conclusion, stress can potentially harm sperm inside the uterus. If you’re planning to conceive, it’s advisable to avoid some of the habits mentioned above. Instead, start adopting a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious food, exercising, and don’t forget to undergo fertility checks.

There’s always a way to conceive quickly to bring the joy of having children because #ThereIsAlwaysHope for fathers and mothers who are determined to try.


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