Second Cycle of IVF Doesn’t Make You Broke

Second Cycle of IVF Doesn't Make You Broke

There are many factors that affect the success of IVF in the second cycle such as the mother’s age, egg quality, sperm quality, and lifestyle.

In vitro fertilisation  (IVF) is an option for couples who have fertility problems. Typically, this condition occurs when a couple has difficulty conceiving through natural fertilisation.

The chance of IVF success depends on several factors. Not only from the wife’s side but also the husband’s side affects the success rate promotional IVF and

Based on data from the Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority  (VARTA) in 2022, the success rate of IVF is divided by age category, namely under 35 years old; 35-39 years old, and 40 years old or older.

According to VARTA, the average success rate of IVF is as follows:

Tanya Ferly tentang Promil?


  • Age less than 35 years old reaches 44.04%
    • The average success rate of IVF is 44.04%.
    • Age 35-39 years old accounted for 37.77%
    • Age 40 years or older reached 23.99%
    • Age 40 years or older reached 23.99%

There are many stories and success stories from those who experienced success or failure when they became promoters. Starting from those who succeeded in the first cycle, in the second cycle, or who never gave up until more than 3 times struggling to get a baby.

Many stories and success stories from those who experienced success or failure when being promoted.

What to do if you fail IVF and want to do IVF in the second cycle?

According to Dr. Thomas Chayadi, Sp.OG, obstetrics and gynaecology specialist at Bocah Indonesia, said that if you want to do a second cycle, the patient will repeat the cycle from the beginning and if the embryo is still there. Later, the doctor will conduct an evaluation with a team of doctors and embryologists to find problems that need to be corrected.

When you fail to do IVF (IVF) then the specialist will review the conditions in the first cycle. The evaluation process is certainly done very carefully in every failed IVF cycle to find out and learn where the problem lies.


There are several factors of IVF failure that can be caused by both the father and the mother, such as:

  • Mother’s age
  • Deficient embryo quality

    Mother’s age

  • A chromosomal abnormality in the embryo
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. excessive weight, smoking, alcohol consumption)
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. excessive weight, smoking, alcohol consumption)
  • Failure of the embryo to attach to the wall of the uterus (implantation dysfunction)
  • Mother’s body’s response is not in line during the pregnancy programme

Generally, the obstetrician and gynaecologist, the andrology team, and the embryology team will work as a team to evaluate the history of the first cycle of IVF, in order to reduce or eliminate the possibility of what will happen in the second cycle.

Success Chances in the Second Cycle of IVF

The chances of success in the second cycle of IVF certainly have different chances of success. It is determined by the condition of each couple.

According to Dr. Cynthia Agnes Susanto, BMedSc, Sp. OG, obstetrics and gynaecology specialist at Bocah Indonesia, said that there are several factors that affect the chances of success of IVF.

.1. Usia Bunda

One of the important factors affecting the success of IVF is the age of the mother.

One of the important factors affecting the success of IVF is the age of the mother.

“Definitely number one is your age. The younger the age of the mother, the success of IVF will certainly be higher. Because age determines quality. The younger you are, the better the quality of your eggs,” said Dr Cynthia.

However, this condition does not necessarily always happen like that. The reason is, for women who experience endometriosis and the condition of small eggs (PCO) can affect the quality of eggs.

The condition is not always the case.

“If the mother’s condition turns out to have endometriosis, PCO or small eggs, it can also affect the quality of the eggs,</rdquo; he added.


  1. Pola hidup sehat

In addition to age, lifestyle also affects the success of any pregnancy programme. Consumption of nutritious and nutritionally complete foods can help increase the chances of successpromil.

“Don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One, lifestyle. Reduce fatty foods, reduce carbohydrates, consume nutritious foods and protein to support the success of the pregnancy programme itself,” said dr. Cynthia Agnes Susanto, BMedSc, Sp.OG.


  1. Kondisi rahim

Another factor that is no less important is the condition of the mother’s uterus itself. The reason is, the embryo will develop into a fetus in the uterus so that the condition of a healthy uterus is very important to support the success of promil.



“What is the condition of your uterus? Are there polyps, infections that are not actually visible during ultrasound but we can support it with an examination called hysteroscopy,” she added.


  1. Never leave Dad

If some of the causes above, mostly experienced by Mum but do not forget the role of Dad. The success of IVF the IVF programme is supported from both sides, father and mother. This is because sperm quality also affects the success of IVF.

“This is an important factor for the mother, not to leave the father. Because we need very optimised and very good sperm. So do sperm analysis and also DNA fragmentation because those two things are not necessarily good in quantity and good in quality. So it is necessary to do self-examination of both,” concluded dr Cynthia.

Such is the explanation related to the chances of successful IVF promotion depending on the condition of each patient. Generally, for parents who have experienced failure in previous IVF and want to start again, can do embryology counselling.

The chances of success in IVF promil depends on each patient’s condition.

Embryology counselling is a comprehensive consultation service to evaluate the IVF programme previous to support the preparation in realising the dream of having offspring in the next cycle. This consultation is done with an embryologist of course.

In Bocah Indonesia, embryology counselling is conducted with Dr. Maitra Djiang Wen, Sp.And., Subsp. F.E.R., M.ClinEmbryol. The counselling is done by reviewing the results of your medical report and the embryo in the previous cycle.

Some data reports that need to be prepared before conducting embryology counselling, such as:

  • Basic medical report or data on the condition of the father and mother
  • Egg ovary stimulation data (number and type of stimulation drugs)
  • Embryology laboratory data (embryo development in the embryology laboratory)
  • Embryology laboratory data (number and type of stimulation drugs)

Want do you wanna Success in your next IVF cycle? Don’t forget to get tested because there’s always hope for the future.

Want to be successful in your next IVF cycle?

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Chitra Fatimah.



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