Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women

Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women need exercise to keep themselves and their pregnancies healthy and strong.

Did you know that exercise is important for pregnant women? It’s not only essential when you’re not pregnant but also during pregnancy.

Exercising during pregnancy supports the health of the fetus and helps with the delivery. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do strenuous exercise. Just engage in gentle activities that involve movement and physical activity.

Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women

Exercising during pregnancy is recommended, but not all exercises are suitable for pregnant women. Since you’re expecting, there are certain exercises that are safe to do and others that are not recommended.

Nevertheless, the benefits of exercising during pregnancy are greater than the drawbacks. Here are some safe exercises for expectant mothers:

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  1. Walking

Gentle walking is one of the good and safe exercises for pregnant women. Walking has benefits such as improving blood circulation, maintaining heart health, and keeping pregnant women fit.

A leisurely walk can be done from the first trimester to the final trimester leading up to childbirth. You can walk for 30 minutes each day.

  1. Swimming

During pregnancy, one of the safe and recommended exercises is swimming. It’s suitable for pregnant women who don’t want to sweat and perform too many weight-bearing movements. This is because the buoyancy of the water reduces the body’s weight.

Swimming can help pregnant women alleviate pelvic pain, nausea, and swelling in the ankles. Furthermore, it also promotes lung and heart health.

You can do breaststroke or backstroke to ensure safety and avoid risky movements during pregnancy. Be cautious as the pool area might be slippery.

  1. Yoga

One of the exercises that are safe for pregnant women is yoga. It helps with breathing, flexibility, and prepares the pelvis for the upcoming childbirth.

Through yoga, pregnant women can improve their body balance and reduce lower back pain during pregnancy. Regular yoga practice can lead to a more relaxed state of mind, helping the body rest more easily.

  1. Prenatal Exercise

One of the favorite exercises for pregnant women is prenatal exercise. This is because it helps improve stamina, strength, and flexibility for pregnant women.

This type of exercise can easily be done at home, either with an instructor or through YouTube. For pregnant women who are just starting prenatal exercise, it’s recommended to attend prenatal exercise classes with a trained and experienced instructor.

  1. Pilates

Similar to yoga, pilates has benefits for balancing the body, strengthening muscles, and improving posture. Pilates is recommended for pregnant women because it is considered a safe type of exercise and is recommended by doctors.

This exercise also helps improve breathing techniques for smoother blood circulation and teaches relaxation methods.

Benefits of Exercise for Pregnant Women

Exercise always brings benefits to anyone who does it, including pregnant women. In addition to keeping the body healthy and fit, exercising during pregnancy offers several benefits, such as:

  • Reducing the risk of constipation, back pain, and bloating

  • Preventing excessive weight gain

  • Reducing stress during pregnancy

  • Lowering the risk of depression and improving mood

  • Reducing the risk of gestational diabetes

  • Lowering the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is believed to support the baby’s brain development. Research indicates that babies born to mothers who exercised during pregnancy have higher IQs and are smarter.

That’s the explanation of what exercises are safe and their benefits for pregnant women. However, pay attention to your physical capabilities and avoid overexertion. Make sure to stay hydrated and not run out of fluids. If you experience signs of a high-risk pregnancy, consult a doctor immediately.

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