Dr. Cynthia Agnes Susanto

dr. Cynthia Agnes Susanto, B.MedSc. Sp.Og.

Specialty: B. MedSc., Sp. OG.
Dr. Cynthia has completed her specialization in Obstetric and Gynecology from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Advance Medical Science from the University of Melbourne. Dr. Cynthia has participated in many Seminars and courses like IMPERIAL (Infertility – Menopause- PCOS- Endometriosis – Recurrent Miscarriage- In Vitro Fertilization- Adolescent Gynecology- Abnormal Uterine Bleeding).
She has also attended 9th SICOG (Singapore International Congress of Obstetric and Gynecology. Dr. Cynthia has completed a SMART COURSE on IVF for Obstetric and Gynecology from Medan, Indonesia. She is also having many publications related to Assisted Reproductive Technologies, IVF, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarium Syndrome).
She understands the importance of being proactive in determining the causes of infertility and commencing treatment in a timely fashion. She endeavors to see all new fertility referrals as promptly as possible. Dr. Cynthia resides in Jakarta with her husband and 2 children. Dr. Cynthia enjoys traveling and exploring new places in her spare time.
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