My Strong Mother Thanks to Healthy Drinks

Good Drinks to Consume During Conception

My Strong Mother Thanks to Healthy Drinks When a husband and wife are undergoing a pregnancy program, there are several ways they can take as an effort to conceive. Starting from living a healthy lifestyle, such as consuming food or drinks with balanced nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, to managing stress well.

During the pregnancy program, food and drink intake need to be considered. Some can be consumed during the conception program, while others should be avoided. There are several types of drinks that can be consumed during the pregnancy program.

Good Drinks to Consume During Conception

Basically, there is no specific drink that can truly help increase the success of a pregnancy program. However, a body that is preparing for fertilization needs intake that can promote the health of the entire body, including the reproductive system. Here are some types of drinks that are good to consume during conception, such as:

1. Orange Juice

Dads and Moms know that oranges are one of the fruits high in vitamin C, right? Well, consuming orange juice during a pregnancy program is very good. Orange juice contains important nutrients that are beneficial for the body. The vitamin C content in it acts as an antioxidant that is good for protecting ovarian function from free radical damage. In addition, vitamin C also helps increase the levels of progesterone hormone, which plays a role during ovulation and implantation. It is advisable to consume orange juice without added sweeteners to maximize the nutritional benefits.

2. Avocado

Juice Another type of drink that is good to consume during conception is avocado juice. Avocado has a high folate content. Folate is one of the essential nutrients that need to be consumed during conception and pregnancy. Because folate can help maintain the health and function of women’s ovaries, indirectly increasing fertility. The role of folate also helps prevent birth defects and forms the neural tube in the fetus. In addition, avocados also contain vitamin K, which can maintain hormone function in both men and women.

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3. Apple

Juice Apples may be one of the fruits that Dads and Moms frequently consume. Well, if Dads and Moms are tired of consuming whole apples, try making them into juice. Apple juice is one of the drinks that is good to consume for Dads and Moms who want to conceive. This fruit has a high content of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. These nutritional components are good for increasing fertility. So, if you want to get the benefits, Dads and Moms can consume apple juice regularly.

4. Berry Juice

Do Dads and Moms know that berry fruits are good for fertility? Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are very good for a pregnancy program. This is because these fruits contain high antioxidants. In addition, berries also contain phytonutrients, folate, and vitamin C, which are good for fertility.

5. Guava Juice

If Dads and Moms want to try another healthy drink option, guava juice can be a recommended choice. It’s not only good for dengue fever patients, but guava juice also has benefits for increasing fertility. Like some other fruits, red guava contains high vitamin C, which is good for health and fertility. Red guava also contains lycopene antioxidants that are beneficial for a pregnancy program.

6. Kiwi Juice

Kiwi juice can be another option for Dads and Moms who want to consume a healthy drink for a pregnancy program. The fruit with green skin and fuzzy hair on the skin has a high vitamin C content. As is known, vitamin C plays a crucial role in fertility and can increase the chances of pregnancy. Dads and Moms can consume kiwi fruit whole or make it into juice.

There you go, Dads and Moms, some types of healthy drinks that are good to consume for a pregnancy program and to increase fertility. What needs to be remembered is that Dads and Moms can still safely consume them without artificial sweeteners. Make sure to complement them with other nutritious intake, such as vegetables and foods that are good for a pregnancy program. Dads and Moms, do you want to share information with other warriors on the journey to parenthood? Let’s not forget to share this article!


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