6 Lifestyle Choices That Decrease Sperm Quality

6 lifestyles that cause sperm quality to decline

Unhealthy lifestyles can affect sperm quality, ranging from food and beverage intake, bad habits, to exercise that influences male reproductive organs.

Pregnancy can occur if the fertilization of egg and sperm is successful. Of course, the contribution of Father and Mother is essential. Good sperm quality will have a high chance of success in achieving fertilization.

However, sometimes Fathers are often unaware that lifestyle can affect sperm quality. Unintentionally, some habits can even decrease sperm quality. What lifestyle factors affect sperm quality?

Lifestyles That Decrease Sperm Quality

Perhaps for Fathers, these things are considered normal habits, but in fact, they can have long-term effects. Here are lifestyles that can decrease sperm quality.

  1. Consuming processed meat

Avoid excessive consumption of processed meats. Not only does it affect health, but it can also affect sperm quality.

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According to Dr. Tiara Kirana, Sp.And, an andrology specialist doctor from Bocah Indonesia, consuming foods made from processed meats can affect sperm quality.

“Foods that are not good for sperm and affect male fertility are foods made from processed red meat, such as corned beef, sausages, and others. Besides, foods containing many preservatives are also not good,” said Dr. Tiara.

Not only that, she also emphasized that foods containing pesticides, such as fruits and vegetables that are not properly washed, are not good for male reproductive health.

  1. Consuming fast food

Another type of food that is not good for male fertility is food containing saturated fat. Usually, this food is found in fast food.

“Then trans fat or saturated fat that is abundant in fast food. Furthermore, it is food that contains too much soy. So, if only tempeh and others in normal portions are still good. But, if the soy content is too high, it will contain phytoestrogens that are not good for male fertility,” she added.

  1. Frequent use of tight clothing

Wearing tight clothing may enhance appearance. But do you know, this habit can cause an increase in temperature in the testes. This condition can certainly affect the sperm production process.

  1. Smoking habit

If you have a smoking habit, it’s better to quit it. Because the chemicals contained in cigarettes, such as nicotine, cadmium, to lead, can decrease sperm quality.

This also applies to electronic cigarettes or commonly known as vape. Vape also contains nicotine and several chemicals, such as nanoparticles and heavy metals that are harmful to health.

When Father and Mother decide to undergo a pregnancy program, it’s best to quit these bad habits immediately.

  1. Alcohol consumption

Another unhealthy lifestyle is consuming alcohol. This condition can also affect male fertility. This is because excessive alcohol consumption can decrease both the quality and quantity of sperm. Alcohol entering the scrotum through the bloodstream can damage the shape of sperm cells.

Damage to sperm cells can cause incomplete sperm formation and even disrupt sperm movement (motility).

  1. Frequent hot water baths or sauna

Although it relaxes the body, unfortunately, this habit can increase the temperature in the testes. This will affect the sperm production process itself. Therefore, Fathers need to avoid this habit and several other habits that can cause an increase in testicular temperature.

Well, those are some lifestyles that can affect Father’s sperm quality. In fact, lifestyle greatly affects both male and female fertility. No need to worry, if Father wants to know the condition of sperm or fertility, then immediately consult a doctor or make an appointment at the nearest fertility clinic.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Chitra Fatimah.


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