Is Having Intercourse at 9 Months Pregnant Risky?

Many mothers are afraid of having intercourse at 9 months pregnant. So, is sex in the third trimester truly dangerous?

Generally, it is safe to have intercourse during pregnancy unless advised otherwise by a doctor or midwife. In fact, sexual desire may increase at certain stages of pregnancy, and intimacy can provide some benefits.

As the belly grows, especially at 9 months pregnant, some women may feel uncomfortable engaging in sexual activity with their partner or fear unwanted conditions. So, is it actually safe to have sex at 9 months pregnant?

Is Having Sex in the Third Trimester Safe?

Several doctors and experts agree that having intercourse during pregnancy is safe to do, even as the due date approaches. In fact, some argue that sexual activity in the days leading up to delivery can help accelerate the birthing process.

Sex during pregnancy can provide some benefits for the pregnant mother and her partner. Potential benefits may include:

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  • Better orgasms: Increased blood flow to the genital area may lead to stronger orgasms for the pregnant mother.
  • Maintaining fitness: Sex burns calories and can help keep both partners fit.
  • Strengthening the bond between partners: Some couples feel that sexual activity during pregnancy brings them closer together.
  • Boosting the immune system: A study in 2004 found that sex increases IgA, an antibody that helps prevent colds and other infections.
  • Increased happiness: Orgasms release endorphins that can help the mother and baby feel happy and relaxed.

Sex during the third trimester is not only safe but also healthy! Women often experience a higher sex drive as pregnancy progresses into the later months. So, don’t hesitate to have intimate relations with your partner, even if your belly is very large.

Finding a comfortable position might be a bit challenging, but try to communicate with your partner about safe and comfortable sex positions as the pregnancy advances. Spooning is one of the favored positions for couples when the pregnancy is well-advanced. Spooning sex is a position where partners lie on their sides and embrace each other. This position is considered safe for pregnant mothers.

Pay Attention to These Things When Having Sex in the Third Trimester

While most sex during the third trimester is safe and not harmful, there are still some cases where you should avoid having sex while pregnant.

  • Bleeding or spotting after intercourse: If you notice bleeding or spotting after having sex, you may need to avoid sexual intercourse, at least until you speak with a healthcare provider to determine the cause.
  • Placenta previa: This is a pregnancy complication where the placenta partially or completely covers the cervix. If you have been diagnosed with placenta previa, it is best to avoid vaginal intercourse, as it can cause more serious problems.
  • After your water breaks: It is important to avoid having sex after your water breaks, as your baby is no longer protected from the risk of infection.
  • Partner has a sexually transmitted infection (STI): Contracting a sexually transmitted infection during pregnancy can cause serious health problems for you and your baby. Avoid all forms of sexual intercourse, whether vaginal, oral, or anal, if your partner has an active STI or has just been diagnosed.

So, in conclusion, sex in the third trimester of pregnancy is generally very safe to do. However, make sure to consult with your obstetrician first regarding the impact and benefits you and your partner can get from having intimate relations during the 9th month of pregnancy.

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