Inhaling Premium Gasoline Fumes Can Affect Fertility?

Effects of Gasoline Inhalation on Fertility

Inhaling gasoline fumes for an extended period can have effects on health. Frequent inhalation may even disrupt fertility..

When refueling at a gas station, parents will likely smell the gasoline’s aroma. Some people consider the gasoline’s scent as relaxing. However, quite a few also find that the smell of gasoline can lead to headaches.

As it turns out, inhaling gasoline for an extended period can have health consequences. This is because gasoline contains harmful chemical compounds. Inhaling its vapors alone can cause headaches, nausea, and even vomiting.

The Effects of Frequent Gasoline Inhalation on Health

Gasoline contains hazardous chemical compounds like methane and benzene. Excessive exposure to these chemical substances can endanger one’s health. Here are some health conditions that can result from inhaling gasoline fumes too often.

  1. Nerve Damage

Who enjoys deeply inhaling gasoline vapors? Be cautious, parents; if this habit continues for an extended period, it can lead to damage to the nervous system.

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According to the National Directions On Inhalant Abuse, the accumulated gasoline vapor residues in the body can damage myelin sheaths, the protective coverings of nerve cells in the brain. This can result in memory impairment and affect one’s ability to communicate normally.

If this damage to the nervous system occurs over an extended period, it can lead to tremors, muscle spasms, affecting a person’s ability to walk and even speak.

  1. Permanent Dangers

Frequently inhaling gasoline vapors or other chemicals can lead to harmful and difficult-to-reverse effects. Some conditions that can result include damage to the spinal cord, the onset of degenerative diseases, muscle weakness, and brain damage.

In some cases, individuals may experience damage to their sense of smell and hearing.

  1. Suffocation

Parents, inhaling gasoline vapors too frequently and for extended periods can weaken the function of the nerves. This condition will affect the lungs, heart, and brain. The proper functioning of vital organs in the human body is highly dependent on the nervous system.

If the lungs cannot inhale oxygen as usual, it can increase the risk of suffocation due to breathlessness. This condition will slow down the heart’s performance, eventually leading to its stoppage.

The Effects of Inhaling Gasoline on Fertility

The chemical compounds found in fuels like gasoline can cause specific side effects. Gasoline exposure can occur through the skin, eye or mouth mucosa, ingestion, or inhalation of its vapors.

Perhaps for parents who are planning to conceive, there may be excessive concerns about the effects of inhaling gasoline. According to research published in the Environmental Science and Pollution Research International, conducted on rats, there may be a connection between gasoline and fertility in men. However, further research is required in this regard.

According to Dr. Febriyan Nicolas, Sp.OG., M.Kes, a specialist obstetrician and gynecologist at Bocah Indonesia, the chemical compounds present in gasoline can affect sperm conditions and disrupt ovarian function in women.

“Lead contained in gasoline can reduce sperm concentration, motility, and viability in men, and it can also cause disruptions in ovarian function and fertility,” says Dr. Nico.

However, parents don’t need to worry because, according to Dr. Nico, these conditions will occur if exposed for an extended period at high concentrations.

“But parents don’t need to worry. This will only occur if it is continuous and exposed at high concentrations. If it’s just refueling, it won’t have any significant effect,” he added.

So, there you have it, parents, an explanation of the effects of gasoline on health and fertility. If you’re just refueling, you don’t need to worry about its effects on fertility, as it won’t significantly impact your efforts, including your pregnancy journey.

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