Gym or Workout: Does it Make Sperm “Out” Quickly?

Gym or Workout, Bikin Sperma Cepat Out

Exercise is one of the ways to enhance fertility. Many types of exercises can be easily done to support couples in their quest to conceive. However, there are certain types of exercises that might disrupt fertility. Now, the gym is also one of the exercises frequently undertaken by men. Besides keeping the body fit, this physical activity is believed to help address premature ejaculation issues. Read also: Want to Have Offspring? 3 Fertility Choices for Men to Consider.

1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are commonly associated with women, but guess what? They can be performed by men as well. Kegel exercises are highly beneficial for strengthening pelvic muscles. Research published in the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews indicates that Kegel exercises can prevent erectile dysfunction in men. Moreover, these exercises can prevent premature ejaculation and enhance erectile function.

2. Treadmill

One of the gym exercises that contribute to fertility is using the treadmill. Regular treadmill sessions can help improve both the quantity and motility of sperm. This is even applicable to men with excess weight (obesity) and a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Weightlifting

Engaging in weightlifting exercises for at least 2 hours a week can effectively boost sperm count by up to 25 percent. Research published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition indicates that weightlifting can increase testosterone levels. Furthermore, increased testosterone levels can trigger sexual desire in men, ensuring the quality of sexual relationships.

4. Aerobic Exercise

If Dads want to enhance their fertility, one of the easy-to-do exercises is aerobic exercise. Research published in the journal Nutricion Hospitalaria suggests that aerobic exercises can increase both the quantity and movement of sperm.

Tanya Ferly tentang Promil?


5. Front Squats

This exercise is believed to help overcome premature ejaculation. According to The National Strength and Conditioning Association, compound movements like deadlifts and bench presses are effective against premature ejaculation. This is due to their potential to elevate testosterone levels in men, leading to stronger and longer-lasting orgasms.

Benefits of Gym for the Male Reproductive System

There are several benefits of engaging in physical exercise or gym workouts for the male reproductive system, including: Reducing body fat, contributing to an ideal body weight. This prevents ejaculation and erection issues caused by obesity. Preventing obesity, thus reducing the risk of decreased sperm count and hormonal changes due to obesity. Lowering the risk of inflammation, enhancing the quality of sperm. Improving blood circulation, resulting in optimal erections and increased stamina.

Can Gym Cause Premature Ejaculation?

As of now, there is no scientific research that supports the idea that gym workouts can accelerate the release of sperm. On the contrary, the exercises mentioned above can increase sperm count and address ejaculation problems experienced by men. Although it offers numerous benefits for the male reproductive system, it’s not recommended to engage in excessive gym workouts. Moreover, excessive physical training can lead to side effects such as decreased sexual desire, prostate irritation, and decreased testosterone levels for some men.

Therefore, it’s advised to exercise regularly while considering individual capabilities. Exercise should complement a healthy lifestyle, and it’s important to avoid health and fertility issues caused by excessive and strenuous workouts. Don’t forget to complement exercise with a healthy diet, reduce alcohol consumption, manage stress, and avoid staying up late. After reading the explanation above, now you know that gym workouts are permissible, right? Just make sure not to overdo it with high-intensity and heavy workouts, especially if Moms and Dads are undergoing a pregnancy program. Keep up the spirit and fight together!


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