I am a
Single Woman


I have entered my 30s and fertility is one thing that needs to be checked selectively.

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Have you ever experienced any of the following symptoms?
1. Excessive menstrual pain
2. Irregular menstrual cycle
3. Abnormal vaginal discharge
4. Have a history of certain diseases (HIV, Hepatitis, Sugar, Hypertension, Toxo, PCOS, and Cancer)

It is important to have a fertility consultation to find out the cause of the problem and treat it early to increase your self-confidence and especially your chances of pregnancy.

For women who care about reproductive health, we also recommend Fertility Workup Obgyn for you.

Fertility Workup Obgyn is an initial consultation service to prepare optimal steps
the right pregnancy program/fertility program for you


Initial Examination Process with
Fertility WorkUp Obgyn

  1. 1
    Make a purchase Fertility WorkUp Obgyn at Toko Bocah Indonesia, Tokopedia or Shopee. After making a purchase, you will be contacted by Customer Care (Ferly).
  2. 2
    Mother will make a schedule via Customer Care (Ferly) to determine the time and location of the consultation and selection of the Ob-Gyn Doctor.
  3. 3
    Fertility Assessment
    If you have never had an examination before, you will be advised to do an ultrasound (ultrasonography). Ultrasound is performed on the same day, mothers can choose between Transvaginal USG or Abdominal USG.
  4. 4
    Fertility WorkUp
    You starts a consultation with an ObGyn doctor based on the results of the assessment that has been carried out. After that, the doctor will recommend the next steps or appropriate pregnancy program according to your condition.

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