Emotional Support is Needed as Childbirth Approaches

Emotional Support is Needed as Childbirth Approaches

Emotional support is important for pregnant women, especially as the day of delivery approaches. Find out about the importance of emotional support for pregnant women here.

As the day of delivery approaches, you will definitely need emotional support from those around you. Building emotional support during pregnancy takes place from the beginning of labor to delivery, and sometimes it is still needed even after your little one comes into the world.

Emotional support from those around you.

If you’re looking for information about the emotional support you need before childbirth, especially for mothers who are undergoing a pregnancy program, this article might be helpful.<nbsp;Let’sfind out what emotional support you need and how it affects your pregnancy.

The More Support the Better

Tanya Ferly tentang Promil?


It doesn’t always have to be a partner, instead emotional support leading up to labor can be provided by anyone. You can consider your specific situation and preferences to choose the best one for you.

Emotional support before labor can be provided by anyone.

1. Support from spouse 

Often, pregnant women choose to have their partners with them during labor even if they have no medical knowledge or experience with childbirth.

The bond between the father and mother can help provide emotional support. If you’re planning to have a vaginal birth, your father can help you relax and ease the pain of contractions.

2. Support from family

In addition to the partner, emotional support from the closest people including family is very important and can be an encouragement for Mommy. Female relatives such as mothers or sisters are preferred.

Their presence can provide more benefits for the mother. Especially if they have given birth before, they can also utilize their knowledge and experience to help the mother.

3. Support from close friends

Mother’s close friends can be an excellent emotional support and encouragement during labor. If they have given birth before, their experience can help give you advice.

Close friends can be excellent supporters and emotional encouragers during labor.

4. Support from obstetrician

The doctor or midwife can not only provide emotional support and encouragement to the laboring mother. They can also monitor vital signs and ensure that the labor process proceeds safely.

The attending doctor or midwife can help you deliver your baby and can intervene if there are any medical issues so it’s important for you to find out which doctor or midwife is best suited for you.

Benefits of Support During Labor

Birth is a stressful event, especially if it’s your first time. Many expectant mothers experience some benefits by appointing a supportive person to help them.

1. Overcoming anxiety

Emotional support and encouragement during labor can help ease your discomfort and anxiety. The right emotional support also helps to make you much calmer about labor.

Anxiety about childbirth can be experienced by some pregnant women, and it is normal. Especially if this is your first pregnancy. In addition to emotional support from those closest to you, you can join a support group support group which can be a place for you to exchange ideas and tell stories. Support group which can be a place for you to exchange ideas and tell stories.

2. Positive experience

Emotional support can help you feel more positive about your overall birth experience. Try building in positive affirmations every day to keep you thinking positively ahead of labor. Your father can also help with this.

3. Boosts self-confidence

When mom gets emotional support from her partner, family, or medical personnel, she feels more confident in her ability to give birth. This can help her feel more prepared and able to face the challenges of labor.

4. Lowers pain levels

Research has shown that emotional support can help reduce the level of pain felt by mothers during labor. This is due to the link between emotional support and the release of endorphins, which can reduce the perception of pain.

5. Speeds up the labor process

Strong emotional support can help speed up the labor process. When a mother feels supported and comfortable, her body tends to relax more, which can facilitate the opening of the uterus and the progress of labor.


Emotional Support Ahead of Labor

Dads can provide very important emotional support for moms leading up to labor. Here are some of the ways you can provide that support:

  1. Being an empathetic listener

Dad can listen attentively when Mom wants to talk about her worries, fears, or other feelings regarding labor.

  1. Providing a sense of security

Guaranteeing you don’t feel alone in this process and making sure Dad will be by your side to provide as much support and help as possible.

  1. Providing praise and encouragement

Provide Mother with praise and encouragement about her strength and fortitude, and convey her confidence that she will be able to go through labor well.

  1. Offer help

Offering help with things like organizing birthing equipment, planning trips to the hospital or birthing center, or even just providing assistance with everyday household tasks.

Offering help with things like organizing birthing equipment, planning trips to the hospital or birthing center, or even just providing assistance with everyday household tasks.

  1. Inviting Mom to relax

Help Mommy to feel calm and relaxed in various ways, such as giving a gentle massage, reading a book together, or doing a calming activity.

  1. Providing educational information and support

Supporting you by providing relevant information about childbirth and aftercare, so you feel more mentally and emotionally prepared.

  1. Expressing love and affection

Nothing is more empowering than showing love and affection. Fathers can convey their love and affection with gentle words, touches, and actions.

  1. Actively participate in labor preparation

Participating in childbirth preparation classes, reading books on childbirth and baby care, and getting involved in labor planning are other ways for Dad to show his support.

  1. Being an emotional support during labor

During labor, Dad can be by your side, providing the necessary physical and emotional support, as well as being a strong support for you through every stage of labor.

By providing solid and caring emotional support, Dad can play a very important role in helping Mom go through labor with more peace of mind and confidence.

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Chitra Fatimah.


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