Failed IVF? Counseling Helps Achieve Optimal Results 

Counseling after IVF Failure

Failure in the IVF program can be caused by various factors. Counseling is needed if the couple wants to plan their IVF journey again.

IVF program has become one of the alternatives for couples who have difficulty conceiving. Typically, this condition is influenced by infertility problems experienced by both the husband and the wife. This is what makes it difficult for the couple to achieve pregnancy naturally.

This pregnancy program becomes an option for couples who have previously failed in natural conception and insemination. IVF, in fact, is a type of pregnancy program that requires a long process.

Therefore, if a couple experiences a failure, it can lead to various feelings. When Mom and Dad want to undergo IVF again, it is necessary to undergo post-IVF failure counseling together to evaluate the previous failure.

However, before starting this type of conception, Mom and Dad need to undergo an examination based on their respective conditions.

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Is IVF Guaranteed to Succeed?

According to Dr. Febriyan Nicolas, Sp.OG., M.Kes, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, Bocah Indonesia states that there is no pregnancy program that is 100 percent successful, so there is certainly a chance of failure.

“To date, there is no pregnancy program that is 100 percent successful,” said Dr. Nico.

The success rate of any pregnancy program depends on the individual’s condition. According to Dr. Cynthia Agnes Susanto, BMedSc, Sp.OG, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at Bocah Indonesia, the success of IVF depends on Mom’s age, a healthy lifestyle, uterine conditions, and factors from Dad’s side that also determine the success of IVF.

Factors for IVF Success

Based on the explanations above, the success of IVF is determined by four factors:

  1. Mom’s Age

As Mom’s age increases, her fertility decreases. This is also one of the factors determining the success of the IVF program for Mom and Dad. The younger Mom is, the higher the success rate, as the quality of the egg cells is also better.

As Mom’s age increases, the quality of the egg cells decreases. This can affect the success of the IVF program. 

  1. Uterine Condition

Mom’s uterine condition also plays a crucial role in the success of the IVF program. The uterus is the place where the fetus develops during pregnancy, so a healthy uterus is very influential.

  1. Dad’s Role

When undergoing the IVF program, it is not only Mom who plays a crucial role, but Dad’s contribution is also important. One of the success factors is the quality of the sperm. Therefore, before starting the conception, it is necessary to improve the sperm quality for a successful IVF.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

During conception implementing a healthy lifestyle, such as consuming nutritious foods and complete nutrition, is required for a higher success rate. It is best to avoid consuming carbohydrate-rich and fatty foods that can disrupt the conception process.

Is Post-IVF Failure Counseling Necessary?

The IVF failure counseling described in this article is a counseling session where Mom and Dad plan to embark on the next IVF program. This counseling session is carried out by evaluating the previous IVF program.

At Bocah Indonesia, this counseling session is called Embryology Counseling, which is a comprehensive consultation service to evaluate the previous IVF program, in preparation for the next IVF cycle. This consultation is carried out together with Dr. Maitra Djiang Wen, Sp.And., Subsp. F.E.R., M.ClinEmbryol, a Specialist in Andrology and Head of the Embryology Laboratory at Bocah Indonesia.

This consultation is carried out by reviewing Mom and Dad’s medical reports as well as the embryo reports from the previous IVF cycle.

So, for Mom and Dad who have experienced IVF failure, it is best to consult with Dr. Maitra first to evaluate the history of the previous IVF program. It is hoped that by doing this counseling session, the next IVF program can be optimized.

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