Can Acupuncture Points Enhance Fertility?

Titik Akupunktur Bisa Bikin Subur

Various acupuncture points on the body are located on the head’s backside, lower back, arms, and knees.

Acupuncture treatment might not be new to many. Acupuncture therapy is an alternative treatment method that uses thin needles inserted into specific points on the body. Essentially, this therapy is performed to balance the body’s energy. When therapists insert these needles into certain points, the body’s energy flow is believed to regain balance. This therapy is often used for health and even beauty reasons. Acupuncture is also recognized in medical science to stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissues. Usually, this therapy is performed by professionally trained doctors or therapists.

Acupuncture Points on the Body

There are certain points on the body that can stimulate energy flow. Where acupuncture needles are believed to trigger the release of endorphins, which can naturally relieve pain. Here are some acupuncture points parents need to know:

1. Head

Some might not be aware that acupuncture can be performed on the head. Doing acupuncture on this point is believed to relieve headaches or migraines. Additionally, acupuncture can also prevent the recurrence of these ailments. This treatment method is considered more effective than taking medications.

2. Lower Bac

One acupuncture point is on the lower back. The benefit of doing acupuncture here is believed to relieve back pain. A study published in the journal Best Practical and Research Clinical Anaesthesiol states that acupuncture is effective in alleviating lower back pain. Moreover, acupuncture on this point also helps in relaxing tensed pelvic muscles, thereby enhancing energy flow to reproductive organs. This can improve hormonal balance and reproductive health, increasing the chances of successful conception.

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3. Hands

Acupuncture on the hands might not be as common as on the back. However, acupuncture here can relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), which affects the wrist. Those affected experience tingling, pain, and weakness in the hand. A study in Alternative Therapy Health Medical revealed that acupuncture relieves this syndrome caused by median nerve pressure.

4. Wrist

Acupuncture on the wrist is believed to be effective in reducing nausea and vomiting intensity. The results of acupuncture here are believed to be effective after cancer treatments and surgeries.

5. Knees

Acupuncture on the knees is common since it is believed to address joint-related issues. According to a study in Medicine (Baltimore), acupuncture here can alleviate arthritis. This was deduced from research on 18,000 patients as it’s believed to release chemicals causing natural pain in the body.

6. Lower Abdomen

Did you know acupuncture is good for enhancing fertility, especially for couples with fertility issues? Acupuncture on the lower abdomen benefits the blood circulation to reproductive organs like ovaries and uterus, which is good for the reproductive system.

What Needs to Be Prepared Before Acupuncture?

Acupuncture offers several health benefits. No wonder this alternative treatment is a choice for many, from pain relief, stress management to weight loss. And now, acupuncture is also beneficial for fertility, increasing the chances of success in conception, especially for couples with fertility issues. Before undergoing this therapy, there are some things to prepare:

  • Consume food in the right portion. It’s advised to eat two hours before the acupuncture procedure.
  • Avoid coffee or caffeine. Consuming coffee before the therapy can affect body response. It’s better to avoid it two hours prior.
  • Be mindful of prior activities. Before and after acupuncture, it’s better to avoid strenuous activities.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing. This is to allow the acupuncturist to place the needles easily.

You can undergo acupuncture as needed. Ensure you get it done at a licensed clinic or healthcare facility. After reading the above information, are you interested in trying acupuncture therapy?


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