Sperm Health and Lack of Sleep Here's the Connection

Sperm Health and Lack of Sleep, Here’s the Connection

Irregular sleep-wake cycles can disrupt the body’s balance of functions, including Dad’s fertility. Having a good and quality sleep pattern is important for maintaining…

Testicular Torsion Long-Term Effects on Male Fertility

Testicular Torsion: Long-Term Effects on Male Fertility

Testicular torsion is a medical emergency condition that requires immediate surgery to save the main reproductive organ of males. Reproductive health and fertility are…

Myths and Facts Varicocele a Threat to Male Fertility

Myths and Facts about Varicocele: Is It Really a Threat to Male Fertility?

Varicocele is a common cause of male infertility. This condition can lead to low sperm production and decreased sperm quality. Just like varicose veins…

Treatments make women experience fertility problems

Do Skincare Products Really Cause Women to Experience Fertility Disorders?

Caution! Some chemicals in skincare products may potentially make it difficult for women to conceive. The use of skincare products is not only for…

Environmental Factors that Can Affect Fertility

Environmental Factors That Can Affect Fertility

The environment in which you live has a significant impact on health, including fertility.  Reproductive health and fertility are not only influenced by conditions…

Clumped Sperm, What are the Effects?

Apart from the quantity, movement, and shape of sperm, another factor affecting male fertility is sperm clumping or agglutination. When discussing male infertility, one often…

Pregnant Massage or Prenatal Massage, Know the Benefits and Risks

Massage During Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks, and Safe Tips

Here’s what you need to know about massage during pregnancy before trying it. Pregnancy triggers various changes in a woman’s body and mind, bringing about…

Exercise on Fertility and Pregnancy Chances

The Relationship Between Exercise, Fertility, and Pregnancy Chances

Exercise is beneficial for fertility, but don’t overdo it. It is a well-known fact that regular exercise is one of the good habits to…

Effects of Mental Health on Pregnant Women and Fetuses

Pregnant Women with Mental Disorders, Higher Risk of Premature Birth?

Stress and anxiety during pregnancy can increase the risk of babies being born with depression, attention deficit disorder, and other mental disorders in the…

The Importance of Understanding Anterior Placenta in Pregnancy

The Importance of Understanding Anterior Placenta in Pregnancy

The placenta attached to the front side of the mother’s uterus is known as the anterior placenta. While it generally does not have any…

Ideal Baby Weight and Normal Baby Growth Patterns

Get to Know the Ideal Weight and Growth of Babies

The physical growth of a baby reflects their overall health and development. Physical growth is the most easily observable change. It refers to the…

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