5 Menstrual Pain Relief Drinks and Which Should Be Avoided

menstrual pain relief drinks

Menstrual pain during menstruation certainly makes you feel uncomfortable. Pain characterized by cramping in the lower abdomen sometimes makes activities disrupted. Usually, menstrual pain is felt before the end of the menstrual period. Consuming a menstrual pain relief drinks can be an alternative.

Menstrual pain or the so-called dysmenorrhea is divided into two, primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. The causes of menstrual pain are both different.

Dysmenorrhea is the most common menstrual pain experienced by women during menstruation. The pain is caused by uterine contractions. No need to worry, primary dysmenorrhea is normal during menstruation.

The causes of primary dysmenorrhea include having their first menstruation before the age of 11 years, smokers, stress, and having longer menstrual periods.

Meanwhile, secondary dysmenorrhea is menstrual pain caused by other health problems related to the reproductive organs.

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Secondary dysmenorrhea or abnormal menstrual pain is caused by several medical conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PCOS), certain defects in the production of organs from birth, to medical conditions Crohn’s disease and urinary disorders.

Causes of secondary dysmenorrhea should be more aware of. If you experience these diseases, you should immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.

In addition, menstrual pain can also be caused by irregular menstrual cycles. This is caused by the flow of blood that flows heavier than usual. The normal menstrual cycle is 28 days with a menstrual period of 7 to 8 days.

Menstrual pain makes you feel uncomfortable so that it often interferes with activities, this is certainly very disturbing. Not a few women choose to consume drinks to relieve menstrual pain.

Menstrual Pain Relief Drinks

Drinks that can relieve menstrual pain are usually made from natural ingredients such as spices that can help reduce stomach cramps. But not infrequently many women take painkillers that contain ibuprofen.

This natural drink, besides being found in shopping centers, can also be made easily yourself. The following drinks can relieve menstrual pain.

Warm Water

A natural drink that can help to relieve pain during menstruation is warm water. Warm water is believed to help relieve cramping pain in the stomach during menstruation. In addition, warm water is needed so that the body does not become dehydrated.

In addition to relieving pain, warm water is very good for health and can also provide energy to the body.

Ginger Water

Ginger water is also one of the drinks to relieve pain during menstruation. Ginger has anti-inflammatory that can help relieve pain. In addition, one of these easy-to-find spices can also inhibit the production of prostaglandins that can trigger contractions.

How to make this ginger water drink is also quite easy.

  1.   Clean the ginger from the skin then slice it thinly.
  2.   Put the ginger slices in a pot of water.
  3.   Bring the ginger water to a boil so that the ginger is absorbed.
  4.   Strain the ginger water, let stand for 5 minutes before consuming.
  5.   Ginger water is ready to serve

Tamarind Turmeric Drink

Tamarind turmeric is believed to be one of the most effective drinks for relieving pain during menstruation. Drinks that contain natural spices are always the choice of women when menstrual pain hits.

Popular enough to relieve menstrual pain, the tamarind turmeric herbal medicine is now made in packaged form so it is easy to find in minimarkets or supermarkets. But if you want to make sour turmeric herbs, the method is quite easy.

  1. Clean the turmeric from the skin
  2. Slice the turmeric into several pieces
  3. Grate or blender until the turmeric is smooth
  4. Boil the turmeric mixed with water
  5. Add tamarind, leave until the tamarind dissolves with the turmeric mixed
  6. The tamarind turmeric herb is ready to be served

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is believed to relieve menstrual pain. Chamomile tea contains hippurate and glycine compounds that can help relieve muscle spasms and can relax the uterus.

Like ginger, chamomile tea also has anti-inflammatory that can help reduce cramps in the lower abdomen. In addition, chamomile flowers also have sedative properties that work directly on the nervous system, helping to calm the mood during menstruation.

Currently, many types of chamomile tea are traded in minimarkets and supermarkets. If you want to make your chamomile tea, it’s also quite easy.

  1. Boil water in a pot
  2. Add a teaspoon of chamomile, cook until it boils
  3. Remove the chamomile tea stew from the heat
  4. Let stand for 5 minutes, chamomile tea is ready to be served

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple is a fruit that is rich in minerals. The antioxidant properties of pineapple can also help reduce inflammation that can cause pain during menstruation.

Pineapple also contains the enzyme bromelain which has been shown to reduce pain and can help relax muscles during menstrual contractions.

How to make your pineapple juice is quite easy.

  1. Prepare the pineapple that has been peeled.
  2. Cut the pineapple into several pieces.
  3. Mix pineapple with water then blender until smooth.
  4. Pineapple juice is ready to be served.
teh chamomile untuk menghilangkan nyeri haid

Drinks You Must Avoid When Periods

Not only drinks that can relieve pain, some drinks that should also be avoided during menstruation. Usually, drinks that should be avoided are drinks that can make you feel uncomfortable during menstruation.

The following drinks should be avoided during menstruation.


Drinks containing caffeine are one of the drinks that should be avoided during menstruation. Reducing the consumption of drinks containing caffeine can relieve pain and flatulence.


Drinks containing alcohol should also be avoided during menstruation. Alcohol can increase the production of estrogen and testosterone in the body. Because of the production of estrogen and testosterone too much can make mood swings. Alcohol can also lower blood sugar levels, which makes the body feel weak and dizzy.

Drinks Contain A Lot Of Sugar

Fizzy drinks or drinks that contain a lot of sugar should also be avoided during menstruation. Fizzy drinks can make your stomach bloated, making you feel uncomfortable during menstruation.

How to Overcome Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain can be treated in easy ways to do at home, such as compressing the lower abdomen with warm water, exercising, or taking pain relievers if needed. If menstrual pain feels excessive then treatment will be given by a doctor based on the cause. The treatment that will be given starts from drugs to serious treatment such as surgery.

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